Thursday, 24 November 2011

P is for... Pont L'Evêque, Pecorino, Provola di Bufala Affumicate, Perazola Azul, Prefailles

It was to La Fromagerie that we turned to for P night's cheeseboard, which we served with poppyseed crackers and more of the plum pickle from earlier in the evening. Starting from the top left of the board, the suspiciously shaped cheese on a string is Provola di Bufala Affumicate, a smoked buffalo milk cheese with a delicate, fruity flavour. To its right is a Spanish blue sheep cheese Perazola Azul, a fairly mild Roquefort-style cheese with a nutty finish. In the centre of the board, you'll be unsurprised to know, is Pont L'Evêque is a soft French cows milk cheese washed in cider, which gives it an aromatic earthiness. The bottom right of the board boasts a whopping chunk of Pecorino - which La Fromagerie are particularly keen on, having an enormous range instore. Neither Richard or I can remember which particular Pecorino this was, but it was considered the best in the shop by the cheesemonger, so that was good enough for us. Finally, we had Prefailles, a French semi-soft goat cheese with a buttery texture and a tangy earthiness. The cheese is coated in aromatic herbs and spices.

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