Saturday, 7 May 2011

L is for... Langres, Lincolnshire Poacher, Livarot, Little Wallop and linseed crackers


L night's cheeseboard came from the ever delectable Paxton & Whitfield and included some of my favourite Alphabet Soup cheeses so far. We had the pleasure of eating the unpasteurised cow's milk delight that is Langres.  This French cheese from the Champagne region is a rich, soft cheese with a delicate orange coloured washed rind and a pleasingly pungent aroma and subtle spicy tang. We also had the excellent Lincolnshire Poacher, a hard, unpasteurised cow's milk cheese. According to P&W, it is excellent as an alternative to Cheddar on your cheeseboard, and we agreed! We also ate Livarot, a strong flavoured semi-soft cow's milk cheese with a reddish-orange skin circled with five bands of rush leaves. The cheese is golden yellow with a piquant flavour - dangerously moreish and pretty as a picture. Lastly, we had Little Wallop, an award winning goat's milk cheese which has been washed in Brandy and wrapped in a vine leaf. This creamy cheese is produced by Alex James, bass player from Blur, and has a fresh lemon flavour with a salty tang. Definitely worth a trip to Jermyn Street. We served the cheeses with linseed crackers.  

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