Monday, 15 November 2010

D is for... Dolcelatte, Danegold and Dorstone with damson cheese

Cheese board

There isn't an endless wealth of cheeses beginning with D, but the ones we found were delectably delicious. Again, it was Neal's Yard that we turned to for D's shopping trip and the nice staff let us try all their cheeses beginning with D. They only had two in the shop - Danegold and Dorstone - we picked up the Dolcelatte from a stall in Borough Market that I forgot to take note of.  The cheese was served with crackers and damson cheese - a gift from my mum, made from a Mrs Beeton recipe. The damson cheese is excellent with cheese or cold cuts and I'm partial to a smear of it on toasted fruit bread too. 

Damson Cheese

1/2 lb of sugar to every lb of damsons

Remove the stalks from the damsons and wash them. Place the damsons in a preserving pan and simmer until soft. Push the damsons through a sieve over the preserving pan, so you are left with the pulp and juice. Add the sugar to the pan, stir well and leave to simmer gently for two hours. Skim well and then boil for half an hour or until it looks firm and hard on the spoon. Quickly pour into sterilised jars with airtight lids and allow to cool before sealing.

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