Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Challenge

I have been writing a cake blog for several months now, you can find it here: http://victorias-cake-boutique.blogspot.com/. But, contrary to popular myth, I don't JUST like baking cakes. I do indeed love to bake, but I am a greedy glutton who loves to eat and cook all manner of things, in all manner of ways. I'm already planning what to have for lunch while I'm still eating breakfast and the possibilities of the next evening's dinner keep my mind buzzing, when I should be fast asleep at night. I enjoy nothing more than spending time with friends and family, sitting round a table laden with delicious food and wine, for hours and hours. I love to talk about food and read about food and write about food. I eat out at restaurants I can't afford and spend more money on food than I ever have on shoes.

With greed in mind, I have decided to set myself a challenge: a culinary tour de force, that will have me eating my way through the letters of the alphabet. My mission, should I choose to accept it (I do), will take me from A to Z in one year. I want to create delicious menus, from simple weekday suppers to fabulous feasts, all based on the letter of the fortnight. I may regret this by the time I get to X, but determination should see me through...

Fish will be a rarity, as the man I share my life and my kitchen with is allergic and, as much as I am taking this food mission seriously, I'd rather not kill him in the process. Rest assured, if ever he should go away on a jaunt without me, there'll be more fish on the menu than you can shake a rod at. I will do my very best, just to make life even more difficult, to stick to seasonal produce and happy meat and attempt to keep my food's carbon footprint as low as I can.

So, here goes nothing. 365 days to get from A to Z. The journey begins.

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